Introduction to Structure, Energy and Bonding in Chemistry

Overview:  This module introduces students to the physical concepts that underpin modern chemistry.  A "quantum-first" approach to physical chemistry is taken within the module; atomic and molecular structure is presented first, and is followed by a treatment of chemical thermodynamics. State functions are introduced and the central role of entropy in driving chemical change is covered. The module concludes with a treatment of chemical kinetics.  


Recommended Reading:  Peter Atkins' Physical Chemistry, 11th Edition (Oxford University Press), which can be bought here.

Module Assessment:  This is a year-long module, which is assessed at the end of the academic year.

Advanced Physical Chemistry:  Chemical Sensors

Overview:  This module introduces students to the operating principles of electrochemical sensors, including ion-selective electrodes and amperometric sensors, potentiometric and amperometric enzyme electrodes, DNA-based sensors, piezoelectric sensors and biosensors. Immunological sensors and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays are also discussed.

Recommended Reading:  Brian R Eggins, Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, 1st Edition (John Wiley and Sons), which can be bought here.

Module Assessment:  This is a semester-long module, which is assessed in January of the academic year.

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