Darren Walsh

I obtained my PhD in Physical Chemistry from Dublin City University where I studied fast electron transfer dynamics with Prof. Robert J. Forster.  After carrying out postdoctoral research with Allen J. Bard at the University of Texas at Austin, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Newcastle University.  In 2007, I moved to the University of Nottingham where I am currently an Assistant Professor in Physical Chemistry.  

Sean Goodwin

I studied at Lancaster University and obtained a BSc in Natural Sciences in 2012. I am now a PhD student with Darren Walsh, and am researching the effects of single crystal platinum electrodes on oxygen reduction in protic ionic liquids. The ultimate aim of the project is to develop an optimally orientated platinum electrode for use in fuel cells.

Grace Lowe

I studied for my chemistry degree at the University of Nottingham, graduating with a Masters degree in 2014.  During my degree I undertook a number of summer projects with the Walsh group, as well as moving to Belgium for a year to work at Janssen Pharmaceutica for my industry placement.  Before starting my PhD I spent three months at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany.  While there, I worked with the group of Dr Benjamin Dietzek, and in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Gibson, to investigate the charge-separated states of photocathodes using resonance Raman spectroscopy.  I began my PhD with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemistry at the end of September 2014 and submitted my project proposal to work with Dr Darren Walsh and Dr Ross Denton May 2015.  My project focusses on developing more sustainable Birch-like reduction reactions for organic chemistry, by developing Earth-abundant cathode materials for electrolysis.

Daniel Smith

I was awarded a BSc. (Hons) Natural Sciences Degree from the University of Lancaster and went on to study a Master of Research (MRes) degree in Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies at the University of Birmingham.  

Now based at the University of Nottingham and as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Fuel Cells & Their Fuels, my PhD project, under Dr. Darren Walsh at the University of Nottingham and Dr. Surbhi Sharma (University of Birmingham), concerns the synthesis and electrochemical analysis of Ionic Liquid-Polymer composite membranes for intermediate temperature Proton Exchange Membrane fuel Cells.  The project is funded jointly by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the University of Nottingham.     

Walsh Electrochemistry Research Group

Tel: ​+44 115 8467495


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